Improve Your Customers’ Shopping Experience and Increase the Commitment and Motivation of Your Staff

Here at, we offer consultations, training courses and workshops that are tailored to your specific needs and will help you improve your business results. Our mission is to improve the customers’ experience, as well as increase the respect and reputation of professionals and employees who work in retail, catering and reception offices. We focus on situations where a client comes into direct contact with your company and your staff.

Why work with us?

  • We increase the company’s bottom line.
  • We improve the employees’ quality of life.
  • We improve the customers’ satisfaction.



Are you of the opinion that excellent salespeople are not born, but, rather, they get moulded through continuous professional development (sales courses and training)? Do you want to guarantee that your customers get a great shopping experience and are happy to return? Can you observe better profits when your employees start to perceive their work as a service of help and customer consultation?


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an anonymous study or evaluation of the quality of services and relations with customers. It can be implemented in person, over the phone or via e-mail or internet. The survey enables us to accurately analyze the attitude of salespeople towards customers. All data is obtained from pretend shoppers (mystery shoppers), not from real customers.


Consultation to Increase Your Sales

Have your sales plummeted? Have you already implemented training for your salespeople, but the effect is not there? Are you aware that additional sales need to increase; however, you struggle to put this into practice? Do you want to improve the selling skills of your staff, improve the sales process or improve the general success of your sales?


Training Staff at Their Place of Work

Similar to sportspeople, salespeople, too, require regular training to keep up their skills. On-site training is the best solution as it offers salespeople immediate and practical implementation of techniques under the supervision of a sales coach. After completing the basic course, on-site training is the best way to consolidate the learned skills.


Recruiting New Salespeople and Consultants

Your salespeople are crucial for the success of your company. How do you recruit them? Do you have a profile of your ideal salesperson that you apply to all candidates? Or, does your choice depend on a feeling that ‘this candidate seems suitable and I have a good feeling about him or her’? How many times did you make a wrong judgement based on a candidate’s CV and a job interview? How many times did you select a person who seemed the best for the role, however, when employed, he/she did not fulfil your expectations?


Harmonizing Members of Your Sales Team

How coordinated is your sales team? Are there any conflicts amongst different members of the team? Do mistakes happen and the responsibility gets shifted around? Does your team consist of some top notch salespeople; however, the team chemistry is just not there?


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Do you need advice on how to improve your sales and have customers return to you again and again?

Participant Testimonials

Superb atmosphere, we were all relaxed and learnt a great deal. Hats off to Natalia, she is excellent!

Sandra, TUŠ

>The topics were presented in a relaxed, pleasant and very interesting way. I participated in many seminars, but this one was the best so far.

Mateja, RADEČE PAPIR d.d.

It was relaxed, lots of positive information that I found useful and motivating. Great lecture with an excellent lecturer.

Tanja, MANA